stemp.scenarios package


stemp.scenarios.basic_setup module

stemp.scenarios.bhkw module

stemp.scenarios.bio_bhkw module

stemp.scenarios.gas module

stemp.scenarios.heat module

Module to calculate heatpump efficiency

stemp.scenarios.heat.calc_hp_heating_supply_temp(temp, heating_system, **kwargs)[Quellcode]

Generates an hourly supply temperature profile depending on the ambient temperature. For ambient temperatures below t_heat_period the supply temperature increases linearly to t_sup_max with decreasing ambient temperature.

Parameter:temp – pandas.Series Timeseries of ambient temperature
heating_system: str
specifies the heating system (floor heating or radiator)
stemp.scenarios.heat.cop_heating_floor(temp, type_hp, **kwargs)[Quellcode]

Returns the COP of a heat pump for heating. Parameters temp – pandas Series with ambient or brine temperature type_hp – string specifying the heat pump type (air or brine)

stemp.scenarios.oil module

stemp.scenarios.pv_heatpump module

stemp.scenarios.simulation module

stemp.scenarios.woodchip module